The Story

KINDERTRUMP: Donald Trump in An Elementary Tale is a hilarious graphic novel that re-imagines what’s going on in America by putting our politicians & news figures in Kindergarten! Our media & politics have devolved into a horrible day on the playground, with no adult-supervision in sight. If you think the people in charge have been acting like spoiled 6-year-olds, you’ll be happy to watch as we literally turn them into the adult-children they are. Our story begins at MAGA Elementary, where Donny, the new kid, tries to become popular and succeed. He’s flanked by teams of kids who don’t want him to upset the status quo. Will the teacher be overwhelmed and tap out? Will the other kids force Donny to quit? Will you laugh instead of cry as you watch these ridiculous goofballs trade insults and lunchables? Find out, by taking a break from the media circus and reading KINDERTRUMP!

A Peek Inside


Mike Benedetto grew up in the Bay Area, and now lives in San Diego, California.  He has a B.A. and Masters Degree in psychology and social work from UCSD and SDSU.  Mike is a psychotherapist, but is also a general contractor, working in the building trades all his life.  Mike believes in the benefits of pursuing multiple professional paths in order to better inform his writing and understanding of the human condition.  Alongside his careers as author, psychotherapist, and contractor, his hobbies are writing and performing music and standup comedy.  As an author, Mike draws from his experience working between the lines in blue- and white-collar America, to create his own brand of political satire; with no allegiance to party, class, or race.  His love affair with comedy, human behavior, and the mind coalesce into works like his first graphic novel, KINDERTRUMP Vol.1.  In this satire, we see how the current state of media and politics ends up becoming further derailed by the reintroduction of age-old “Elementary Emotional Persuasion Tactics”, which we all remember from our days in elementary school.  As this story illustrates how to exploit the mind’s default-programming for gain, Mike reveals his favorite topic to write about: we aren’t who we think we are, because we don’t see what we think we see.

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